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Class B truck driving jobs generally require a person to drive a truck, or a haul, or materials from one location to another. Class B truck driving jobs require a person to hold a valid Class B commercial driver's license.

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2013-09-05 04:02:33
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Q: What exactly are class b truck driving jobs?
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Where can I find class b truck driving jobs?

Truck driving jobs are advertised in local papers, websites such as, and through trucking organizations. You can search keywords such as class b to find the job you want.

What are the top paid trucking jobs?

The best paying truck driving jobs require a class A CDL. You can find listing of local truck driving jobs in your local newspaper, or on an online jobs board such as

How much cdl class A drivers make a year?

As much as the company sees fit to pay them. There are a variety of Class A jobs, and not all of them are just driving a truck. There isn't one answer to blanket the entire range of Class A driving jobs.

I need to find a place where there are inexperienced truck driving jobs.?

Truck driving jobs are advertised on websites such as, in local papers, and through trucking organizations. You can search keywords such as class b to find the job you want.

Any Class CDL-B truck driving jobs available in the Indianapolis area?

Road construction's about to pick up. There's bound to be dump truck, boom truck, water truck, and other sitework truck jobs opening up.

Where can I find information online about truck driving jobs?

There are plenty of online resources that will help you find truck driving jobs online. Check They have a great search for local truck driving jobs. Check out They are the best resource on the internet for finding truck driving jobs. truck, trucking, &

Where can I get information about local truck driving jobs? inthe truck driving section.

Are there truck driving jobs are available?


Do we need a special license for local truck driving jobs?

If the truck you are driving weighs in excess of 18,000 pounds you will need a CDL license which requires a written and road test. If you are looking at driving something such as a FedEx or UPS truck, you need a CDL Class C license.

Where can I find truck driving cdl jobs in NY?

At the present there are no listings for truck driving jobs in NY,this industry has been hit hard by the recession.

What type of truck driver jobs can you get with a CDL?

Yes, you can get plenty of truck driving jobs with a CDL. It will help you land those jobs.

When applying for dump truck driving jobs do you need a CDL license?

Yes. In most cases you will need a CDL Class B license because of the weight of the truck. However, if you would be driving a semi with a dump trailer, you would need a CDL Class A license.

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