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They remove scratches off a car by first trying to buff them out. If that does not work, the scratches are sanded, they are then filled with filler, and sanded again. Next a primer is put over the scratches, and then paint to match the rest of the car.

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2014-06-18 20:46:11
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Q: How do they remove scratches off the car?
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How do you remove scratches from a car?

To remove scratches from a car, you can buff them if they are shallow scratches. Begin by gathering a buffing wax and a buffing pad. Lightly buff the area until the scratches disappear. Then, remove the wax by wiping gently.

How do you remove the scratches off a vinyl record?

I don't believe you can. I have an old Thriller record that i want to remove ssome scratches off of

How to remove scraches off of cars?

To remove scratches off of cars, you can use an automotive exterior cleaning liquid. You can also use a sponge with water and soap to remove these scratches and nicks.

How do you get scratches off black enamel refrigerator?

There is a product made to remove car scratch, widely announced years ago. If it works on a car, it will works on your refrigerator. Look for the product in car shops.

Can you let a car be repossessed with scratches on it?

A car can still be repossessed if it has scratches or some slight damage. The current value of the car is normally used when netting off the debts.

Does toothpaste work for taking scratches off a disc?

Yes, you can buff the surface of a disc with toothpaste to remove, or lessen, scratches.

How can you get minor scratches off your car?

Rubbing compound and polishing compound.

How to remove scraches off my tablet screens?

To remove scratches off your tablet screens, simply use a damp towel to rub them off. The towel, however, should not have any pimples. You can also use a soft cleaner to gently dab and remove the scratches and nicks.

How can you remove scratches off a disc?

You can use toothpaste. Do NOT rub in a circular motion!!!

How do you remove scratches from car?

Wash the section first to prevent additional damage. Begin by sanding and buffing. Follow by using compound, rinsing compound and put on wax to remove the scratches.

How do you remove minor scratches from eye glasses?

You could use an eyeglass cleaner or toothpaste which works for scratches. Just get it off really well and then use an eyeglass cleaner to remove smudges.

How do you remove scratches from plastic?

Scratches can rarely be removed fro plastic. The only way to remove scratches from plastic is to melt the abrasions.

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