How do people make a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well the way people make a car is they get the frame of the car then it goes down the assembly line and other people put different parts on it.

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Q: How do people make a car?
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How many people does it take to make a car?

No one makes the car but about 2-5 people test the car

How many people does it take to make one car?

20 people

What are people that make cars called?

Car Manufacturers? Or car makers? shop rats

Can people make a flying car?

yes it is possible because there is already one flying car made.

How do car companies make cars?

An assembly line of people and robots.

What make car take longer?

people drive to slow and fast

Can the k'nex micro coaster car fit k'nex people?

no it cant, you need to make a custom car, anonymous

Why make a new car every year?

so people don't get bored

What does the car badge represent to the car itself?

The car badge represents the make or model of the car. Many people have car badges which represent the style of the car they own and are proud to show off the type of car that they drive.

Where can I get my car checked?

Yes I do know where you can get your car checked indeed. The place to check your car is a local garage. People at a garage will be happy to check your car and make some money.

Why did Henry ford do what he did?

He made the car so people could buy a car that is not so expensive and this would make him lots of money.

How much water does it take to make a car?

none because a car is a solid not a liquid.............. sometimes people ask stupid qustions