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no it cant, you need to make a custom car,


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Q: Can the k'nex micro coaster car fit k'nex people?
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How do you make a car out of knex?

Not a clue

Why does a roller coaster with more people in it will travel much faster than an empty car?

A roller-coaster would go faster with more people in it because with moer people the better the ride alsothe people that are ridding will give the roller-coaster potential energy. A roller-coaster would go slower with an empty car will give the roller-coaster kinetic energy than with peolpe in it.

What is faster The World's Fastest Car or The World's Fastest Roller Coaster?

The world's faster car must be faster than the world's fastest roller coaster.

Where does the friction oppose motion on a roller coaster car?

between the wheels of the car and the track

Where is the potential energy of the greatest on a roller coaster?

It is when the car is at its highest point.

How do you say 'roller coaster car' in French?

"Voiture de montagnes russes"

How much does a micro car cost?

2000 much

Who invented the roller coaster corrected grammar?

The first roller coaster really invented was invented by the french in 1812. It was based on the Russian ice mountains which was a car sliding down an icy hill. Other people think the Switchback railroad was the first roller coaster. It was designed by LaMarcus Thompson. It was in Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. It was based on a gravity railroad.

Is a roller coaster ride faster than a car?

Some roller coaster rides can go faster than the average speed of cars. The fastest roller coaster ride in the world is the Formula Rossa in the UAE. It goes 149 mph.

What is the mass of the car on a roller coaster at six flags?

500 kg

what are transfers for a roller coaster?

Basically, the car goes whooooooossshhhh down the slopes and climbs up the hills because of gravity and stuff. :D THEN, fat people vomit and skinny people fall out whilst tripling.

Are there car processors?

Every modern car has micro-processors to control the engine and others for systems.