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Rotors may not be balanced, calpiers may be installed incorrectly, tires may be out of balance or mounted wrong, wheels may be bent, steering linkage may be worn out or loose.

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Q: How do I get rid of a slight vibration running 55 mph after changing the rotors in my car?
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Recently changed front brakes on 2004 Chrysler 300M. Now I have very bad wheel shake when applying brakes and a slight vibration just driving.?

Vibration when applying brakes is most likely warped rotors. Another cause could be loose caliper bolts. The vibration while driving is most likely a tire issue ie (out of balance, broken belt in tire, bent rim). Other possible causes are loose/worn suspension and/or steering parts.

Why would 98 Chevy truck shake at idle?

It it is a very slight shake this may be normal. Engines make vibrations and vehicle design engineers are less likely to waste time and money hiding this vibration on a truck than a car. Generally, trucks are meant to be practical more than luxurious. If it is a severe vibration, your engine may be running poorly or you may have a vibration transfer problem.

Should you be worried about a 2005 sierra 1500 that has a 0.5 rpm idle with a slight vibration while idling?

If you have average mileage on it, you should go get it checked. That is too low for an idle. The vibration is probly from the low idle.

Just replaced front brakes and rotors should they be making a slight grinding or squealing noise at first until they wear in?

No! Something is wrong.

Slight vibration and roaring sound above 40 mph in your 92 Mercury Topaz Where do you start?

check front axle bearings.

Why does the Front of the car judder at around 60 mph but goes when clutch is depressed?

tension on the motor causes a slight vibration in the on the frame of the vehicle

How do the three scales used to measure earthquakes work?

Perhaps because of the earthquake slight vibration let balance change, by qpstore answered

Car shaking when braking?

Usually this is a sign of warped brake rotors. In order to tell if they are warped at the front, you should be able to feel a pulsing sensation through the steering wheel/brake pedal whilst braking lightly at ~100kmh (60mph). If they are warped at the rear (not usually the case but not unheard of), you may feel a pulsing feeling through the brake pedal and a slight vibration through the seat. In order to remedy this, go and talk to your automotive repair shop who should be able to assist you further and find out what the actual cause may be. They may be able to 'machine' the brake rotors (if they are at fault) so that they are no longer warped. If this is not possible, they may recommend replacement brake rotors. In both cases, it is recommended to replace your brake pads so that they mate perfectly to the rotor surface.

What is wrong if the brake pads on a 1998 Ford Contour are fine but still make a slight metal rubbing noise?

if you didnt turn the rotors they will do that until they wear into the grooves

What causes your car to jerk during acceleration and the motor to have a slight mist?

try changing plugs and wires

What would cause a recurring thumping noise and a slight vibration in the floor when a car is moving but is not there when it is idle?

The driveshaft might be out of balance or dented in some way, also check the u joints

What would cause 1998 subaru legacy outback manual transmission noise only happens when driving - not sitting. gets progressively quieter when shifted into higher gears.?

Consider the possibility of a bad differential or wheel bearing. Is it a grindey scrapey noise? If so suspect wheel bearing or differential. If car is lifted off the ground and trans in neutral, frmly grasp each tire one at a time and rotate. If a slight vibration is felt, replace that bearing. This vibration is very slight so pay attention, okay? If not show any vibration, expect a differential (or possibly but not likely transmission) problem.