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If a car is being sold way to cheap I am always suspicious.

I always do a title and lien search on any car I buy and that will show who the title is registered to and will cause a great deal of commotion if it is stolen.

I always ask for photo ID when buying a car to insure the car and the title and the owner all match.

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Q: How did you know if a car is stolen?
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What are the charges for a passenger in a stolen car?

If your a passenger in a stolen car and know for a fact the car is stolen because the ignition was tampered with or you know the driver does not own the car then you can be charged with : 1. accessory after the fact travelling in a stolen car The only way to avoid the charge you would have to have the driver defend you by saying you did not know the car was stolen.

What happens if you pull a stolen car and you did not know it was stolen?


Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

how to find my stolen car when i have the thiefs name Call the police.

is car stolen?

You can check whether your car is stolen or not just by having a number plate. The not only car you can go for stolen motorbike check incase you need to know whether your bike is stolen or not before buying it.

My car was stolen now it wont start?

How do you know that it is your car?

Do you have to continue paying your insurance if your car is stolen?

No, as long as you have let your insurance company know they car is stolen.

Where can I find out whether a car has been stolen or not by its registration plate?

If you need to know whether a car has been stolen or not you need to get the car's vin number. You will need to send this number to the DVLA and they will tell you.

How do you know if the car you just bought is stolen or not?

Contact you local police department. They can check and see if the car is stolen. You better get this taken care of immediately and find out for sure.

How do you find out if you have stolen car audio?

Well you cant really know if it is stolen. but if you buy it from retail sites like you know that it is legit. hope this helps :)

How do you know if your car was stolen?

The first tipoff might be that it's not where you left it last.

Were the kids stolen in a car or truck in the book Stolen Children?

I am sure that the kid was stolen in the car.

Can a bank report a car stolen if in default of payment?

YES, IF YOU CLAIM NOT TO KNOW WHERE IT IS. If you call the bank and say I dont know where the car is its gone, they are going to tell you to report it stolen. If you stop making payments on it then they will repossess, if there is no car to repossess then you are still responsible to pay the monthly payment car or no car If you stop paying and there is no car to repossess then they at that point can take legal action against you. I dont know if its reported stolen but take my word for it you will pay somehow.

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