is car stolen

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You can check whether your car is stolen or not just by having a number plate. The not only car you can go for stolen motorbike check incase you need to know whether your bike is stolen or not before buying it.

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is car stolen

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Q: Is car stolen
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Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

how to find my stolen car when i have the thiefs name Call the police.

Were the kids stolen in a car or truck in the book Stolen Children?

I am sure that the kid was stolen in the car.

What if you report the car stolen and its not?

You are committing a crime if you knew the car not to be stolen.

What if your car is about to be repossessed but it gets stolen who is then responsible?

YOU are responsible for the debt that is secured by the "stolen" car. Be sure to make a police report on the 'stolen" car.

has car been listed as stolen?

has car ever been listed as stolen?

What are the charges for a passenger in a stolen car?

If your a passenger in a stolen car and know for a fact the car is stolen because the ignition was tampered with or you know the driver does not own the car then you can be charged with : 1. accessory after the fact travelling in a stolen car The only way to avoid the charge you would have to have the driver defend you by saying you did not know the car was stolen.

How could you find out the car you have is stolen or not?

Ask the Policeman "is ma car stolen mate"

How long does it take for a stolen car to show up as a stolen car?

Minutes if not seconds.

Can a rental car company report the car as stolen?

Absolutely, if their car is not returned when stated in the rental agreement, the car is and will be reported stolen.

What happens if your car is stolen?

If your car is stolen you should automatically have reported and what time it had gone missing.

When was Stolen Car - Take Me Dancing - created?

Stolen Car - Take Me Dancing - was created in 2003.

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