How can I determine a used car's value?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can tell if you are getting ripped off, by comparing the prices of similar cars that have sold. You can also consult a professional who can estimate the value of your car.

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Q: How can I determine a used car's value?
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What website will determine a classic cars retail value?

How can I find the true value of used cars before I purchase one?

You should consult sources like the Kelley Blue Book ( and Edmunds ( to determine a car's market value.

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How do you determine a cars value after an accident in which the adjuster says is totaled?

Ask a salvage yard what they will pay for it.

Could you inform me about bluebook value used cars?

Les Kelley created it when he started his car dealership. The process is used by many car dealerships to determine the prices on used and new vehicles. The prices are fair and the site is trusted.

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How well do Volkswagen Golf used cars retain their value?

The retainment of the value of a Volkswagen golf cars that have been used would be depending of the year of its make and the condition of the product.

Where can the blue book value on used cars be found?

The blue book value on used cars can be found at a Second hand car dealers around the country, this book provides general information on how much cars will cost.

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How do I check my car's worth?

Try using online value checkers for used and new cars, such as Kelly Blue Book or Using these websites makes it possible to determine the worth of your vehicle.

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