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The blue book value on used cars can be found at a Second hand car dealers around the country, this book provides general information on how much cars will cost.

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Q: Where can the blue book value on used cars be found?
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What's the best place to look for a cars blue book value?

blue book values can be found on the internet you can do a search of the year make and model and condition of your vehicle and you can get a price range that way

Where can one find the official Blue Book values for used cars?

One can find the official Blue Book value for used cars online via websites run by companies such as Kelly's Blue Book, Autotrader, Cars, and NADA Guides.

Who wrote the book for consumers called What's The Value of My Car?

If you are talking about the Kelley Blue Book, for the blue book value of cars. The first Blue Book of Motor Car Values was published in 1926 by Les Kelley.

How will I know the used car values?

If you want to know the value of the used cars, you can always go to Blue Book value of used cars online and see how much they're worth. The Blue Book is always free online and, Blue Book gives you good results.

Kelley blue book used cars value?

Better than Kelly Blue Book is NADA Guides.

What is the difference between blue book value and nada retail value of the car?

there are so many different book values of cars. The value will be based on what the dealer will give you for trade or if you sell it privately. remember nada, blackbook, kelly blue book, etc does not buy cars nor do they sell cars so the value is a basis of what your car is worth.

Where is the service Kelly Blue Book for used cars available?

The Kelly Blue Book for used cars can be found wherever books and publications can be found. They also have an online site, and were bought out by the Auto Trader website.

Where can I find the blue book value for my car online?

you can find fair prices for blue book value for use cars at official Kelly blue book you will get new and use values prices I hope that helps out with what you are looking for.

Where is a place that has best selling durable cars at an affordable price?

I would research this first by looking at which cars retain there value the best in Kelly's blue book. I have actually done this and have often found that Toyota in an inexpensive car that maintains it value.

Where can one find pictures of different models of cars?

Different models of cars can be found at Kelly Blue Book. Not only are there pictures of different models of cars, but also pictures based on year. Kelly Blue Book also provides information on the cars.

What is the blue book value for cars 70-84?

like 200 This site will answer your question.

What are the benefits of searching for used cars on Kelley Blue Book?

The Blue Book gives accurate information about a car's current value based on MSRP, Dealer's pricing, current market value, and retail pricing. It serves as a valuable base for buying and selling new or used cars.