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The Easterns car dealership is a used car dealer chain with locations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. They specialize entirely in used cars, and advertise the largest selection of used cars for sale in their respective areas.

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Q: Have you ever been to the Easterns car dealership?
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How do you rate safety on a car?

By talking with your dealership owner or who ever helped you.

What is a program car?

A Program Car is the term a dealership assigns to a car that has previously been used in a rental fleet or as a company vehicle, such as the car that the employees of a dealership are allowed to drive.

Can a dealership sell you a car with a lien on it?

The question should be. Should you ever buy a car with a lien on it. The answer is absolutely not, no, not if you are smart.

has this car ever been wrecked ?

has this car ever been wrecked

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no forging signatures has always been illegel

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What can a car dealership do when your car has a lean on it?

If a car dealership has a lean on your car and you have not made the required payments they may repossess your car.

Can a car dealership cancel a purchase?

A car dealership can cancel a purchase if they haven't received the right amount of money to honor the contract. Otherwise, they can't cancel a contract that has already been signed.

Will a car dealership payoff a leinholder?

Yes, If you are trading in your car, or selling your car, to a car dealership they will payoff a leinholder in the process.

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I would not buy or pay for a car form anyone who did not have title to the car. The car may have been stolen.