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Q: Does a car dealership have to tell you if a car has been wrecked?
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has this car been wrecked before?

has this car been wrecked before

has this car ever been wrecked ?

has this car ever been wrecked

How do you tell crashed his car?

Very poorly worded question. Are you asking if you wreck someones car how to you go about telling them, or are you asking how can you tell if a vehicle has been wrecked? If it is the first question, then just tell them, I wrecked your car. If the second, then have the vehicle looked at by a qualified body shop.

How do you tell your boyfriend your sorry for wrecking his car?

"I wrecked your car, don't hit me"

Can you take a car back the next day because it has been wrecked?

You cannot take a car back because it has been wrecked. You are now responsible for the car and need to call your insurance to have it replaced or get it fixed.

Is a rebuilt wrecked car stronger after rebuilt than before?

No wrecked car is stronger than one not wrecked.

Are used car dealers required to inform buyers if car has been wrecked?

No, only if it has been totaled and has a rebuilt title.

Would it be considered fraud if a salesman did not disclose that a used car had been wrecked?


What is a program car?

A Program Car is the term a dealership assigns to a car that has previously been used in a rental fleet or as a company vehicle, such as the car that the employees of a dealership are allowed to drive.

Where can I find and purchase a salvage car?

You can purchase a salvage car at a small dealership (ex: Autoworld). There, they have many different cars: wrecked, salvaged or dented. Therefore, you are almost certain to find a salvage car there for a good deal.

What is a repaired title?

I am sure it is similar to a Salvage title. The car has been wrecked and repaired.

How long does a dealership have to notify that they can not get you financing?

A car dealership does not have a certain length of time to tell you. It is better business practice to do so when they tell you they will, within a reasonable period of time.

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