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The lien is registered in PA

This is normal

By the way it may be illegal for you to register this car anywhere knowing of the outstanding lien.

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Q: Have a car bought it from pa switched title to NJ pa says has lien but New Jersey says no?
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You bought a vehicle with out a title you had a bill of sales how do you find out who has the lien on your car title?

Contact your DMV OFFICE.

What do you do if the car you bought title has a lien on it?

Try to go to DMV find out who has lien on the car. Call the bank, they may negotiate

What can you do if you bought a car at auction and got a title from the DMV with no liens then 2 months later a bank says they havea lien?

well if you have a clean title with no lien on it, then i say sell the car with that title there should be no problem what so ever. i need to know what happens if i sell a car with a lien on the title (auction car) but the lien does not pertain to me, can the car be successfully transferred to another person ? or what do i have to do to remove this lien ? email me -

What is the limitation on a car with a lien on it before you can get the title?

If the car has a lien, you usually have to pay off the lien before you can get a clear title. Otherwise, in this state you have the name of the lien holder on the title.



How do you find lien holder on vehicle?

To find the lien holder of a vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle will have to apply for a duplicate title. The VIN will be necessary to obtain the duplicate title. The lien holder will be listed on the duplicate title.

What happens if you do buy a car or motorcycle that has a lien against it and you want to register it and you got the car with a bill of sale?

you will have to find out who has a lein on it have them fill out a fourm of lein satisfy. In most states a lien holder is recorded on the title and the lien holder will keep the title until the lien is paid off. After the lien holder is paid off, they will sign the title to release the lien and give/send the title to the owner. The title office can tell you who has a lien on the title.

Can i Put a lien on a vehicle to get my name on the title?

A person or a company that puts a lien on a vehicle is a "lien holder" that is on the title. It is not recognized as ownership.

Can you put a lien on a Texas car bonded title?

Yes, you can put a lien on a bonded title.

What happens if i buy a car with a lien title from the owner?

A lien title means that the car has a loan against it. If you do not have a "clear" or non lien title, the lender who hold the clear title can and does have the right to get the balance of the loan from you. The purpose of the lien title is to enable the car buyer to get the legal requirement for driving the car from the state. It's like renting the car in essence; the lien title is almost like the lease agreement for an apartment.So if a lien title is all there is...don't buy the car. It's not his to sell.Somebody has to settle the lien before you can legally own or register the vehicle.

Lien against spouse not on title?

Can a collection agency place a lien on a home belonging to a spouse not on title?

Can you get a title to a car that has a lien on it?

Contact whoever has the lien and talk to them.