Fan keeps running when car is off?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it sounds like it's overheating. Check it has coolant fluid in, if so, then it could be the water pump system.

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Q: Fan keeps running when car is off?
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How do you fix a fan motor that keeps running after the car is turned off in a 1994 Chevy cavalier?

the fan should run after car is tuned off until engine the temp is down ,then it the fan should shut off

What if the blower fan keeps running even after you have shut the engine off 1992 deville?

on a 1990 cadallic sedan de ville after you cut the car off the blower keeps running killing the battery

Why is the fan in your car running after you turn the car off?


I have a 2005 Honda Pilot and just recently the engine fan keeps running after the ignition has been shut off. Why is this happening?

The fan is on a thermostat, causing the fan to run if cooling is required, even when the car ignition is turned off. Having said that, if you notice that the fan is running long after you've shut the engine off, you may have a problem!

Why does the fan keep running on a 1983 caprice classic when engine is off?

If the fan keeps running it's because it is electric and wired through a temperature switch not the ignition. Electric Fan running is independent of engine running. When the temperature is high enough to start the fan, it goes on. when the temp drops the fan goes off. Temp does not drop right away when the car is turned off. It can actually rise several degrees when the engine is turned off. The fan running after engine shut off is actually a good thing that may prevent radiator overflow

Why is the ac fan keeps running on my 2005 grand prix after the ignition is off?

Engine running hot and cooling fan working to cool it down?

What's wrong when car switch is turned off and engine continues to run?

Hi there, the following is only a suggestion and what I have experienced, along with a licensed mechanic's advice. I hope this helps your question. I'm sorry if it does not, even after you try it. Maybe this will at least be a starting point for you. Is it definitely the engine and not the fan that keeps running after the car is switched off? Sometimes when I turn my car off, my fan keeps running and I have to manually shut it off by doing the following: For my car, there is a fuse that controls the fan. Currently I just need to tap the cover of the fuse box where the fuse for the fan is located. Mine is a black box which is located under the hood. Once I do that, the fan stops running. Eventually the fuse for the fan may stop working and will need to be replaced. Janet

Turned off your 1991 Ford tempo but Fan will not stop running Just did that today Turned off car and fan keeps running disconnected positive battery cable to stop fan but need to fix the problem?

Sounds like the fan switch is fried. If it is stuck on high speed the blower relay may also be fried.

Why does the fan keep running on a Kia Optima after it is turned off?

What would cause my fan to keep running after turning the car off it is a 2005 kia sorento

Wh y does my Fan keeps running on 2003 sierra agter it is shut off?

The fan on most modern cars will continue to run after turning it off. The fan should turn off automatically after the thermostat senses that the radiator's antifreeze fluid has cooled. This is normal, especially if the car has been running for a long time or has been driven hard. It is more common when the car is run during warm weather and during city driving.

Why is the air conditioning fan still running when you turn off your car?

It's probably the catalytic converter fan; not the a/c fan.

What if the blower fan keeps running even after you have shut the engine off Buick Lesabre 1992?

The fan should keep running for a few minutes even though the car is off because the engine still is registering hot and needs to be cooled down but, if it continues you to run then you have an electrical problem that needs to be attended to immediately.