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Q: Does the buyer have to be present when notarizing title?
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Owner signed off title to buyer Owner died before delivery of car Family replaced lost title not knowing of sale Can buyer get the car from family?

The buyer can present the signed title to the DMV and get title. The family is going to have to honor the title; hopefully they find the situation to be reasonable and that the seller did not sign under duress. Proof of the sale, such as a receipt or a cancelled check would also help shake things out.

What if the buyer does not get the title in their name?

if da buyer does not get da title in their name legally is not ders

Can an Ohio Notary Public notarize documents for themselves?

Not if they stand to profit from what they're notarizing (e.g., title).

When you sell a vehicle that you have clear title on and the buyer plans on financing who do you name as the vehicle owner on the title?

The buyer.

How do you transfer car title to buyer?

Take the title, yourself and the buyer to your local DMV. They will take care of everything.

What if co-buyer pays off loan and primary buyer has possession who gets title?

The title will go to the address that is on the contract. Usually it is the primary buyer. You can call the finance company and ask for the Title department and request them to send the title to an alternate address.

Can a buyer remove a co-buyer from auto loan?

Well, it depends how the title was written. if it says buyer "or" cobuyer you dont need the other persons signature for anything .... if its written with "and" between your two names, u will have to have both people present to complete any removals or transfers. That or you can have the cobuyer sell u the car. They will still need to be present though.

What do you do if sold a motor home and both buyer and seller signed title but buyer backed out at last minute how do you fix the title?

Say "we had a unexpected change in the title & that we now have a new opening in the title"

Can the co-buyer have their name removed from the title once the loan is paid off?

Yes, the co buyer can have their name removed from the title. You can go to the title office and have it removed.

Can you transfer real estate title insurance to a buyer?

Not sure but i think can't transfer real estate title insurance to buyer

Who orders the title examination for real estate closings?

Generally, the necessary title work is ordered by the buyer's attorney and paid for by the buyer.

Can you sell a car without the title?

Yes, the buyer needs to know before buying. You can get the money, pay off the car and get the title in the mail within 2-3 weeks. Then sign it over to the buyer. It is suggested that you don't let the buyer take the car until the title is in their hands.