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No. A car heater gets its heat from the motor and uses no extra gas at all, unlike a car's air conditioner which does use more gas.

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2010-11-13 03:41:51
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Q: Does running the heater in the car burn gas?
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Does my car burn gas when I am in parked?

If your car is running when parked then it is burning gas. Cars use gasoline to run the engine.

Why is smoke coming out of exhaust after ignition?

because gas was burn after the spark plug created the spark to burn gas and keep car running.

You spilled gas in your car how can you get it out?

To get rid of gas you just have to burn it. The car would explode if you burn the gas out of the well of my car

Can a heater core going out on a car make it burn more gas?

No it will not. It will either be leaking or become clogged which will make the heater not produce any heat. it has nothing to do with fuel mileage.

Does the heat in your car burn gas?

No, the heat in your vehicle is made from the the heat of the radiator fluid. It dose not take more fuel to use the heater.

Does running your heater in your car use more gas?

No as the heater is run utilizing the fluid from your radiator and an electric fan. Using the air conditioning does as the pump is run from a belt on your engine.

Does running your air condition in the car burn gas?

yes it does in fact it burns alot of it so when you guage is almost on low turn the air off and drive slow it runs out less gas. if you drive fast it will burn alot of gas to.

Do you burn more gas running your ac in the car?

A little, the ac pump will put a draw on the engine more than without the ac on.

How do you trouble shoot a heater problem?

Not enough info. Car heater? House heater? Gas? electric? Water?

How much gas does a car burn in three miles?

depends on the car

Does a car burn more gas with dual exhaust?


Does running the air conditioner in your car waste gas?

You will use more gas when your air conditioner is running.

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