Does eggs make your'e farts smell bad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes my step-dad eats egg Sandwiches. We were in the car and as you know silent farts stink, so this awful smell came into the car and it stunk so much we had to get out of the car

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Q: Does eggs make your'e farts smell bad?
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What are the different types of farts?

Eggy Fart the kind that smells like rottin eggs Juicy Fart the kind of fart that hurts when it comes out of your butthole and smells, and feels juicy Loud Fart the kind of fart that comes out loudly Silent farts quiet farts that are silent but deadly cause of the smell Fart A regular fart Poopie farts farts that come out when you are pooping and farting at the same time Humungous farts very loud and huge farts that are VERYYYYY!!!!!!! smelly Vibrate farts farts that make a vibrate sound when you are sitting on a chair that is hard Smelly farts farts that smell sooooooooo bad and knock you out and last but not least........................bad farts

How do you make farts not smell bad?

put air freshners in your pants

Is it healthy to have smelly farts?

farts smell can be influenced by what you eat the day before. Some food produced more smell than the others e.g meat, eggs. Some people farts more often than the others as well. If you have a lot of gas in your intestine or bloats often, please check with your doctors to make sure the gas is not due to some other medical conditions.

Why do grapes make your farts smell bad?

Cause u suck man

If a guy farts and nobody is around to hear it does it make a smell?

Err yeah- lol!! :)

What foods make your farts smell worse?

the kind of foods that make your farts smell bad are stuff like some vegetables like Brussels sprouts and some kinds of beans ! Cabbage and for some people protein rich foods like red meat and eggs

Why are some food cans white inside?

because they make the food not smell otherwise3 it would smell like farts from cameron

How do you make your farts smell?

because the food is trapped in your body and than it goes to gas and smells

What types of gas make up Asia?

Farts, c02,bad feet smell and poo

How do you make your farts not smell?

hold a cup to your but then put lid on cup then thorw it out...=D your welcome