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I have a 2003 Saab 9-3 2.0t Linear. and i was wondering if i put the K&N 57I intake in my car, will it increase MPG on my car? some people say cold air intakes decrease turbo lag but wouldn't that cause less MPG?

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Q: Does a cold air intake increase mpg on a stock turbo car?
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What does cold air intake systems different than a stock air intake on vehicles?

A cold air intake will increase your horse power

How can you increase the output of diesel engine?

To increase the horsepower of a diesel engine you need to put either a turbo charger or a supercharger on it. Cold air intake will also help.

What is the best bolt on to increase your firebirds 5.7 LT1 HP?

Headers , cold air intake , 58mm throttle body , Ect. If money isn't an issue supercharger or turbo (6 psi max) on stock internals. For power when you want it , nitrous (150 shot) max.

How much Stock horse power 97 f350 diesel?

my 93 f350 turbo diesel was 190 hp stock , but by putting a banks sidewinder turbo , cold air intake , k&n air filter , and straight piping it , it is well over 300 hp , howeaver my dads 2005 f350 is stock 325 hp

Will you damage your engine if you remove its cold air intake?

You will not damage your engine if you remove its cold air intake. The cold air intake system is merely added to increase engine efficiency and performance.

How can you increase horsepower on 2002 dodge 1500?

cold air intake

Does airflow increase when you put your cold air intake next to your fan?


How do you install a cold air intake?

take and remove your stock intake and bolt ur new one up easy

Where is the cold air intake in Pontiac Grand Am?

It isn't a stock intake but your intake will be sitting on the drivers side in a black plastic box just in front of your suspension mounting.

Installation cold air intake?

Fairly easy. Unbolt the stock air filter and intake and bolt on the new on. This really is a "bolt on" application.

What is the Volant Cold Air Intake kit used for?

The Volant Cold Air Intake Kit is used to increase cool airflow for engine performance. Cold air intake kits were specifically made for maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency.

How do you increase horsepower in a Monte Carlo?

Cold air intake, supercharger and down pipes.