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If he is an honest dealer he will. Legally he is under no obligation to do so.

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Q: Does a car dealer have to disclose frame damage to a car sold in Texas?
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Does a car dealer have to disclose unibody damage to a car sold in Florida?

Not necessary. Dealer is obligated to disclose Branded title History " like, Salvage, Flood, Rebuilt''. Also have to disclose if the mileage on the vehicle is NOT ACTUAL. When you say Unibody damage I assume that the car has not been cut in a half and put back together. Unibody damage could be a less that 1 inch dent on the structure or could be a replaced quarter panel " outside skin on rear fenders" or anything in between. However, if its showing on a history report Like Autocheck for example it could be nothing but an auction announcement to prevent buyers at auction from returning vehicles for undisclosed damages. at the end its a used car and always do inspection to know the extent of the damage Many used cars have unibody damage and they are as safe as brand new cars. just make sure that important parts of the frame have not been cut off and welded back like the front rails on the frame or the whole rear clip these i would call unsafe to drive in case of an accident.

What if you sell a car with a broken frame?

If you sell a car with broken frame and you did not notify the seller or put it under writing (disclose) you can get sued. In America lemon use car law protect buyer from getting defective product so as long as you put it in writing, disclose to the buyer, and have them initial or sign it; you will be fine.

Can a broken car frame be fixed?

Yes it can. It depends on the extent of the damage and where the damage is located on the frame itself. You can weld cracks and straighten bends. Please seek a professional mechanic.

How can I find out what My Joni eareckson new life painting is worth and how do I know if it is genuine?

You can take your painting to a reputable art dealer who can assess the authenticity and worth of your painting. If the painting is framed, do not remove the frame. It can cause damage and devalue your artwork.

How do you change bent frame on a 1995 eagle talon?

I ha a bent frame on my 95 from hurricane damage they put it on a frame puller and its as good as new.

Can a dealer sell a used car with a bad frame?

They can sell you anything. You can also sue them for a refund, but you will have to prove they knew about the bent or rusted frame.

Can you find Yamaha motorcycle model with frame serial number?

A Yamaha dealer should be able to help you, I don't know how to read a frame number.

Are insurance companies responsible for re certifying cars after frame damage?


What if the Dealer neglected to advise that you have purchased a wrecked car?

have the car checked out including the important frame work if there is any damage take the prick to court as frame damage is not able to be made road worthy the car needs to be destroyed as it is highly unsafe. if it was a smaller thing eg new bumperbar go back and have a talk and demand that you were not told it was a reck and that you want a resnable purchace return eg car cost 10,000 say you want 1,500 back

How do you find out the year on a Kawasaki 4 wheeler?

find the vin number on the frame call the dealer

What are the 10 different places to find a VIN?

You will not find them all. The automakers will not disclose some locations for obvious reasons. The glass, block, dash door, frame are some of them.

Where can i buy a frame for an AA Arms Inc 9mm Luger semi auto?

You will have to go to a licensed dealer.