Does a Smart car have a diesel engine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Most have gas engines, but there is a diesel engine option for models sold outside of North America.

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Q: Does a Smart car have a diesel engine?
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What engine size does a smart car have?

600cc petrol or 800cc diesel

Why wont your key turn in ignition of your smart car?

You still need a key to enter a smart or hybrid car. What you do not need to start the engine in the same way as for a petrol or diesel engine. What you will need to do is enable the power on button in a smart car with the key to start the electric motor in the smart car.

How was the diesel engine developed?

The first car was on diesel.

Who invented the first diesel car?

Rudolf Diesel invented the first diesel engine in 1893. The first car to offer a diesel engine was the Citroen Rosalie produced in 1933.

Can you convert a petrol jaguar engine to a diesel engine car?

No, you cannot convert a gasoline engine to a diesel engine.

Will your car run on diesel fuel?

only if it has a diesel engine. A gasoline engine will not run properly on diesel fuel.

Will putting petrol in a diesel engine car and starting it damage the car?

Yes, putting petrol/gasoline in a diesel engine and running it will cause severe damage to the engine.

Can you use biodiesel in a car?

If it has a diesel engine you can.

What happens if you mix diesel with petrol in a diesel car?

You'll ruin the engine.

What does a car run on?

A car runs on diesel or petrol depends on the engine of the car

What is the difference between a smart car and an electric car?

A Smart car can have an internal combustion engine. An electric car is....electric

How is oxygen formed in a car engine?

Oxygen and petrol or diesel is burned in a car engine, it is not formed