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You'll ruin the engine.

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Q: What happens if you mix diesel with petrol in a diesel car?
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Why kerosene you can mix with petrol and diesel?

If we dissolve kerosene in petrol running vehicle the petrol filtrer in the car will be damaged and also the pump.

Does a petrol diesel mix in a diesel vehicle increase fuel economy?

No way ! Do not mix petrol with diesel it will ruin your diesel engine and be a very costly repair job.

Can petrol mix with diesel?

Yes you can mix everything but don't put it in your engine because it will destroy it.

How does a water powered car work?

diesel / petrol hybrid mix (mainly); or slowly, whichever way you look at it.

Does petrol and diesel mix. Or do they separate if left. ie diesel sits at the bottom and petrol floats on top?

From my experience they do seperate. Gas (petrol) to the bottm and diesel to the top.

What kind of oil should be used on a 2001automatic Honda civic?

a special mix of diesel and petrol. Exactly 200 ml of petrol and 700ml of diesel every 900mls. Then you should add some nitroglycerine to it and give it a nice shake so provided you survive the blast, you can pour that into the car.

Is a diesel engine compatible with a Petrol Car?

No, diesels rely on compression to ignite the air fuel mix, therefore parts are heavier and more expensive Petrol engines rely on spark ignition. All the electrics will have major differences.

Why cant you use petrol and diesel together?

A Petrol engine use petrol that it ignites to cause an explosion in the cylinders, where the diesel engine works by compressing the mix of diesel and air, expose this to heat to make it explode but over a longer time. So a diesel engine has no spark plugs. The diesel needs pressure and heat, while petrol is explosive, will explode. So the two cannot be used together.

What happens if petrol is put in a diesel car?

There are a few different views on what happens if petrol is put into a diesel car, ranging from "this is horrible and will ruin the engine" through "if diesel is put in a petrol engine, it will run but misfire" and "it does depend on the make and model of the car" to, most commonly "petrol will kill a diesel engine; don't start it, have it towed to your mechanic, and have him drain the tank and the fuel lines." Modern diesel engines use the diesel fuel as lubricant for the high pressure pump. The engine itself will run on petrol but it is only a short period of time before the pump is damaged. Petrol is a poor lubricant in comparison to diesel fuel. Generally when this happens the entire fuel system needs to be flushed to remove the petrol and the metal debris from the damaged high pressure pump, then the pump and any other damaged components need to be changed. Additional damage can also come from pre-detonation; diesel engines run far higher compression ratios than petrol engines, this is due to, in a simplified manner, diesel being less volatile than petrol. The effect is that the petrol/air mix may detonate 'early' i.e as the piston is rising during the compression phase, before the normal ignition and combustion phase. This essentially forces the piston to go back down early and attempts to turn the engine over in reverse. The huge additional forces generated can and almost certainly will be catastrophic for most internal components. Given the huge potential for damage to your car's engine, it might be annoying but it makes sense to have the car towed or transported to a garage, to have the tank drained and then for the system to be checked through by a mechanic.

Where is carburetor found in car?

The carburetor is normally found just above the engine, it controls the petrol and air mix prior to combustion. Fuel injected and diesel engines do not need a carburetor.

Can you put petrol in with diesel?

Most internal combustion engines are designed to burn petrol (gasoline) or diesel fuel, but not both. Unless the engine manufacturer tells you otherwise, you should not mix the two types of fuel.

Will a small amount of petrol float on top in a diesel tank?

No,the two fuels are fully miscible,ie, they will mix.