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No she doesn't. She does not like tp fly. But does go occasionally to European concerts, when she can travel be bus, car or train. She will travel to major concerts in Europe and I have seen her at the concerts in Mainau and Maastricht

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Q: Does Andre rieu wife travel on tour with him?
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Does Andre Rieu's wife travel with him on his concert tours?

No, she is happy to have so much time away from him.

How does Andre rieu 's wife look like?

Ugly as sin. There is a reason she doesn't want her pictures in the media.

Why does Andre Rieu's wife not want to be recognised?

Probably because she doesn't want to be bombarded by fans of her husband, and wants some privacy.

Who are the married couples in Andre rieu orchestra?

Andre has been married to his wife for over 35 years. There are other married couples such as Alina Lin Jong and Ruud Merx who are in the orchestra.

Does Andre rieu son play in the orchestra?

Andre has four grandchildren. A set of twins by his younger son Pierre and his wife Eefje, the girls are called linde and Lieke Andre's older son Marc and his partner Andre have a son Ivan and a daughter born this August Fleur.

What is name of Pierre Rieu's wife?

He doesn't have a wife, he has a husband. His name is Waldemar.

Have Andre Rieu jewis background?

yes. Andre is a violinist, a conductor and runs a large business. He has 120 people on the payroll. Andre is what the call a stehgeiger, a violinist who stands in front of his orcestra and plays while he conducts.

How can you find a photo of Pierre Rieu wife Effie?


Photo picture of Andre ware wife?

Andre Ware (athlete) is divorced from wife.

How many grandchildren does Andre Rieu?

Pierre and his wife Eefje have a set of twin girls Linde and Lieke and son Marc and partner Andrea have a son Ivan and daughter Fleur.

Is Jennifer Kowalski still with Andre Rieu orchestra?

Carla Maffioletti no longer tours with Andre Rieu 2006 was her last full year and she is currently pursuing a solo career. She currently plays the guitar with the Mandolin and Guitar group "The Strings" based in Holland. In addition, she performs with the "Plantin-Scala" as a colortura soprano.

What is Pierre Rieu's wife full name?

Not wife, husband. Roger Diederen is his name, the fat trumpet player from the JSO. Twue wuv <3