Do you shot the limo in sniper assasain 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You shoot the rope on the truck and it will land on the car when it is in front of the truck.

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Q: Do you shot the limo in sniper assasain 4?
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How do you stop the limo in sniper assasin 4?

shoot the rope that holds the logs together as the limo passes

How do you stop the limo in sniper assasian 4?

fire at it wat r u dumb

Is James Kidd off of Assasain's Creed 4 a boy or girl?

A girl

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How do you ride in a limo in Grand Theft Auto 4?

You can drive a limo not ride in one.

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What is the code for level 5 on sniper assassin 4?


In sniper assassin 4 what is the level code to get past nocturnal?

There isn't one. NOCTURNAL is the last level on Sniper Assassin 4.

How do you get a limo on the sims 3 late night as a 5 or 4 star celebrity?

For five star I know it's suppose to have a limo that takes you everywhere but I have a sim at four star and he got an opportunity to be in a movie and the limo drove him to that

What is the level code for the last level in sniper assassin 4?

The level code for the last level in Sniper Assassin 4 is "nocturnal." This is the 13th (last) mission.

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