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Yes, you need to give this information to your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies do not charge a premium for children with a learner's permit. When they get their permanent drivers license you will need to update that with the insurance as well. Make sure you obey the state laws as far as having a licensed driver riding with a learner at all times as well. Safeco has a device that can be added to a teenagers vehicle that even allows you to set geographical boundaries and you can set it however you want to. You can set it up to text you if they go out of the area they are allowed to drive in and it can even text you if they exceed the speed limit by more that whatever amount you set it for. They will give you a discount for having this installed. Installation is free and you pay a little per month for the service. You can see everywhere your teen has been and how they drive. The info is not reported to the insurance company but is yours only. It's a tool.

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Q: Do you need to add someone with a learner's permit in State of Virginia to your insurance policy?
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