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If it's a commercial use vehicle and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the tow vehicle and of the trailer combine to make a Gross Combination Weight Rating in excess of 26,000 lbs., then yes, a CDL is required.

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Q: Do you need a cdl to pull a 40ft goose neck trailer?
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Towing capacity of Chevrolet?

need to know the year/ make/ model/ trim package, up to 23,000lbs with a 5th wheel/ goose neck trailer.

What size truck to you need to hall a D3 dozer?

Ideally, a Class 8 tractor and lowboy trailer would be ideal, but you could tow it with a one ton pickup and goose neck trailer, so long as the total weight of the combination was under 26,000 lbs.

Where is the thermostst located and how do you replace it?

On most vehicles it is inside the goose neck. An easy way to find it. Look at the top of your radiator, there will be a top radiator hose, this hose goes to the goose neck. You will need to remove the radiator hose, this usually has a clamp holding it tight. The goose neck usually has only 2 bolts. Remove them, wiggle the goose neck and under neath it, or inside it is your thermostat. ABOVE ALL MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS COLD, IF NOT YOU COULD BURN YOURSELF OR MAYBE WORSE!

Are cdl license needed to pull a goose-neck trailer?

That depends on the purpose of the vehicle, and the Gross Combination Weight Rating. If it's for commercial use, and the GCWR exceeds 26,000 lbs., then yes, you'll need a CDL. If it's a registered RV, then no - RVs are exempt from CDL requirements.

CAN I pull a goose neck trailer 26000 lb with my ford F-250 do you need a cdl?

If it's being operated on a for-hire basis as a third party operation, then yes, you would need a Class A CDL, as you have a combination with a Gross Combination Weight Rating in excess of 26,000 lbs. If it's not used for commercial purposes, there are exemptions you may fall under which will eliminate the requirement for a CDL.

Does a 3500 dodge flat bed with goose neck trailer need a cdl driver?

This question is very situation dependent. If it is considered a commercial use vehicle which does not fall under the exemptions for farm vehicles, emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, or military vehicles AND meet ALL of the corresponding criteria for those exemptions, it will require a Class A CDL is the Gross Combined Weight Rating is more than 26,000 lbs. and the trailer has a GVW in excess of 10,000 lbs.

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