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What kind of a car wash are you looking at? if its a hand car wash from your home and you go and wash peoples car at there homes then no, if you are looking at opening a car wash business you will need a license, as it will be taxable.

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Q: Do you have to have a certain license to wash cars?
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How many cars get washed at a car wash?

It depends on how fast somebody wash cars the faster you wash the more cars you can was

What if you sell cars for profit with no license?

You can sell up to a certain number of vehicles without a license. This varies from state to state. In some states if you sell even 1 for profit you need a license.

The owner of a car wash wanted to see how long customers took to wash the cars calculate the expected value to wash the cars?

car wash people get paid 6:00 dallers maxmim

How do you report someone selling cars without a license?

First check your state's requirements. You are allowed to sell a certain number before it is required.

Is it legal for a repo man to pay someone to find his cars for him or do you have to have some kind of license?

License to repo?? In some states yes..just a few. Paying them to "find" the cars??? that could be as simple as paying a secretary to call debtors on the phone or paying someone to drive by certain addresses looking for a certain brand,model and color of car. You dont have to have a license to make phone calls or to ride around with your eyes open. Exactly what do you mean???

Daria can wash and detail 3 cars in 2 hours Larry can wash and detail the same 3 cars in 1hour and 30 minutes About how long will it take to wash and detail the 3 cars Daria and Larry worked together?

2 days

What jobs for women are with cars?

car wash ! :)

Can you wash cars in your homes in Texas?


How do you get a license to sell cars in Florida?

apply for and take a dealers license class

How many cars can you sell in Alberta a year without a dealers license?

In Alberta you are able to sell up to 4 cars per year without the need of a license. If you wish to sell more cars, you need to obtain a dealer's license.

Can you get a license if you do not have a place to sell the cars yet?

Most states, if not all, require that you have a place of business with an address in order to get a license to sell cars.

Songs about cleaning cars?

Car Wash Car Wash the one that is in sharktale. that is like working at the car wash ya wowowowowo