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Q: Do fl residents get to keep there license plates?
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Can you be a resident of GA and keep FL license plates on vehicle?

No. If you are a resident you must have a Georgia plate.

Why does fl not require license plates?

As far as I can tell from the Florida department of motor vehicles website, Florida DOES require license plates. There may have been a time when they didn't, but since about 1918, Florida has in fact required cars to display one. The state also permits residents to purchase specialized vanity plates or plates that support a particular cause.

If you have a driver's license from another state do you need to take a Florida written test?

no, we just became FL residents and got licenses, no test. Got it at AAA. Need a list of items to do it, though. Google getting a FL license for the list.

Can a person keep their mortgage brokers license if they file for bankruptcy in fl?


Do you need a FL license to register your car in FL if you have a RI license?

Yes, you do need a FL license to register your car in Florida. You can get your drivers license changed from RI to FL and register your car at the local DMV office.

How do you get dealer license in fl?

it is 50$

Where can you go in fl to get a license plate?

you need to go to the license bureau

Do traffic violations transfer from FL license to Ga license?


What is the expiration days for a marriage license in Florida?

When does a marriage license expire in FL

Can you get a RI driver's license if your drivers license is suspended in FL due to a DUI?


Can you have a driver's license in both NY and FL?


What is the population of Naples FL?

As of 2020, the population of Naples, FL is estimated to be around 22,039 residents.