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Yes, you do need a FL license to register your car in Florida. You can get your drivers license changed from RI to FL and register your car at the local DMV office.

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2013-07-15 22:06:59
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Q: Do you need a FL license to register your car in FL if you have a RI license?
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Can you register a car in FL without FL license I bought a condo here I live in MA?

Both Florida and Massachusetts have residence requirements governing your right to register a car in that state. The local state department of licensing can answer your question.

Can I register my car in NY but insure it in FL?

In order to register your car in NY you will need an insurance bar code with valid NYS insurance.

My car broke down in PA can I buy a new car from a dealer in PA and have the car registered in my home state of FL?

Yes! You have to register the car in FL so you would buy the car in PA and take with you the paperwork from the dealer in PA down to FL. Then you will register there paying tax and licensing fees.

Where can you go in fl to get a license plate?

you need to go to the license bureau

How do you buy a car in MA and register in in Fl?

Only if you're a Florida resident.

What licenses do you need to sell insurance in fl?

Gas bicycles 49 cc fl you need License and insurance

What type of license do you need to open a hair salon in FL?


Can you get a license in FL if your license is suspended in NY?

No you cannot. If your license is suspended in one state, then it is suspended in all states. You will need to have your NY license reinstated.

Do you need a license to become a skip tracer in Florida?

Do you need to be certified to be a skip trace in the state of FL

Do i need Florida license to apply roof coating on commercial buildings?

Only in FL!

Do you need a license to sell swords or knives or pocket knives in FL?

I think you do have to have a license to sell them. It's kinda like needing a license to sell guns.

If you have a driver's license from another state do you need to take a Florida written test?

no, we just became FL residents and got licenses, no test. Got it at AAA. Need a list of items to do it, though. Google getting a FL license for the list.

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