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No, all polices are not the same.

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Q: Do all homeowner's insurance policies have the same coverage?
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Does home owners insurance cover utility vehicles?

To a degree yes, but only those that are used for maintenance of the owned property. Homeowners insurance never provides coverage for a vehicle that is designed for use on public roads. Contact your insurance Agent for more detailed information about the scope of coverage included in your policy. Not all home insurance policies are the same.

Is a ho-a insurance policy the same as a ho-3 insurance policy?

No, they are not the same. HOA - Basic Coverage, is a Homeowners Insurance Policy Form "A", Also known as a HO1 policy. The HOA is the most common home Policy Form purchased in the United States. It is usually based on ACV valuation rather than on Replacement valuation in the event of a claim. Although it is generally the most affordable Home Insurance one can buy, it also tends to offer minimum coverages. HO2 - Extended Coverage, Also known as an HOB or Homeowners Policy Form "B" HO3 - Broad Coverage, is also Known as an HOC Policy, Homeowners Insurance Policy Form "C". The HO3 Home Insurance Policy is considered the Cadillac of Homeowners Insurance Policies offered in The United States. It is based on Replacement Coverage valuation and offers the broadest, most expansive coverage available but also is the most expensive.

Does renters insurance cover items stored in garage?

If the items are scheduled on your homeowners insurance policy for coverage, the items belong to you and the garage is the same one at the insured home, then you should have no problem with coverage.

Is flooding caused by a foundation failure covered?

Flooding in general is typically not covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Flood coverage is a separate type of coverage. Bear in mind that not all policies offer the same coverage. It may just depend on what the cause of your foundation failure and if that cause is a covered peril. Best advice is to contact your insurance agent and ask about the foundation coverage and what perils it would be covered for

How do you get homeowners insurance to pay for mold damage?

Mold is usually excluded from coverage. Read your policy; if same is not excluded, it is included.

Will homeowners insurance cover sump pump water damage?

No, unless it was hit by lightening. They will send out and engineer to pick up the pump after it has been pulled. They will then test it and give you an answer.. $1200 for pump and $500 for labor is what I was quoted. 3-18-2012

Does homeowners cover damage you did in order to get to a broken pipe?

All policies are not the same. You will need to contact your insurer or your agent to determine the scope of coverage you purchased.

Can a car be insured by two different companies at the same time?

Yes, you can buy as many insurance policies as you like. But you can not make the same claim with multiple companies for the same loss or that could potentially constitute a fraud. Your main Insurance policy ( typically that with the broadest coverage would be considered your primary coverage. Other policies (Trailing Coverage) can invoke if the loss you suffer exceeds the limits of the Primary Policy.

Is mold in basement after flood covered by insurance?

Not all insurance policies are the same. The way to find out what your policy covers is to read the policy. It will tell exactly what coverage you have.

Will homeowners insurance cover a bicycle that hit a vehicle?

Just contact your insurer. Some policies will offer personal liability coverage for a home owner and it's residents. The only way to find out is to either read the policy or consult your insurance agent about it. Bear in mind that not all policies are the same. Some of the less expensive polices may not offer such coverage.

Type of insurance is the same as medical coverage?

In auto insurance, personal injury protection coverage is the same as medical coverage.

What is covered with home owners insurance?

That depends on the type of home insurance policy and scope of coverage you purchased. All home insurance policies are not the same There are many types of home insurance policies available. Fire Insurance covers the peril of Fire. HO1 policies typically cover Actual Cash value for fire wind and hail damage along with optional owners liability and possibly burglary coverage. HO2 Policies generally provide the same coverage as above along with extended coverage and the option to purchase endorsements for accidental water discharge and optional replacement costs in the event of a loss. HO3 policies, often referred to as "All Risk" policies offer the broadest scope of coverage and typically offer replacement valuation on structure and contents. In addition there are literally dozens of endorsements you can purchase to cover specific risk exposures such as jewelry and various other personal property and unique risks. What your Home insurance covers depends on what coverage you purchased.