Dimensions of a mack truck ch 613?

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what is are the dimensions of a Mack CH613 tractor Head with sleeper, as in the Length,Width and Height

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Q: Dimensions of a mack truck ch 613?
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How much r-134 in mack truck ac system?

How many pounds of freon does it takes to full the A/C system on a Mack truck CH 613_2004

What 18 speed transmission came in 1998 ch 613 truck?

Either a proprietary Mack 18 speed or an Eaton-Fuller 18 speed. Various models of the Eaton-Fuller were available, from 1600 torque to 2100 torque.

What is the engine capacity of CH Mack truck?

Need to know which engine you have. The Mack engines (E6, E7, and E9) and Cummins engines (L10, M11, N14, ISL, ISM, and ISX) were available in these trucks.

Need pic of mack truck with a 427 in it?

An image search for "Mack CH600" or "Mack CH613" should do the trick. Most line haul CH series trucks had the E7 engine, normally rated at either 427 or 460 horsepower. Those will have a decal on the lower part of the door which will say "E7 427", "E7 454", or "E7 460" - those with engines with lower ratings do not have this. Also, if you look on the Wikipedia page for Mack trucks, there's a photo of a green Mack RD688 quad axle dump truck, with the company logo, truck number, and license plate blacked out. I can tell you firsthand that truck has the 427 E7 in it, Eaton-Fuller 8LL transmission, and Mack axles with 4.17 rear end gears.

What is the book price on a 2003 mack truck?

More information would be needed as to the model (CH series, CL series, CV series, etc), what equipment is included (wet line, dump body, mixer body, etc), mileage, etc.

How much horsepower does a mack vision 460 have can if be over the road truck?

The "460" indicated it has an E-series motor rated at 460 horsepower. Some of the horsepower options changed with the 2007 emissions regulations, but traditional Mack options were 460 horsepower, 427 horsepower (these would both have that number on the side) 400/405 horsepower, 380 horsepower, and 350 horsepower. For a while, there was a 500 horsepower V8 motor offered, but it was only available for a couple years before being discontinued. And there was a 485 horsepower motor offered, and I believe it is still available, but cannot say 100% for certain. Most OTR Mack trucks will have the 400, 427, or 460 E7 motor, although there are some OTR tractors which have the 350 - St. Germain Transport out of Quebec operated CH-613 tractors in their fleet which have the E-Tech 350 motor, and 4:11 rear ends.

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