Could a plastic garbage can scratch a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it can. It is hard and plastic and can scratch the clear coat and paint. If it gets caught in your wheel it can do more damage..

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Q: Could a plastic garbage can scratch a car?
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How do you remove a scratch on a car?

Try: NOVUS PC-20 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover or Quixx Paint Scratch Remover All the best

How do you remove a scratch on a plastic car bumper?

To remove a scratch on a plastic car bumper sand it lightly. If the scratch did not come out, fill it with filler. Next clean the area. Block off the parts of the bumper that you do not want to get paint on. Spray primer over the area and then finish with spray paint in the correct color.

How do I clean my car myself without paying someone to do it for me?

You can clean your car by yourself by cleaning out your garbage everyday. Keep a garbage bag in your car and throw the garbage in it as you get garbage. Then remove the bag everyday and throw it out and do the samething everyday.

Can a car run on garbage?

Not directly, but garbage can be processed to generate a combustible gas, which then can be used to run a car.

Why do people try to scratch your 80000 dollar car Is it out of jealousy How should the problem be handled?

Scratch them with your 80,000 dollar car

Can a car be driven on the Great Garbage Patch?

No. The items in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are not bonded together.

What do car repair shops use to repair plastic damage in cars?

You can't really repair the plastic on a car you have to replace the part. If you were to try and repair it you could use bondo but it wouldn't look as nice.

Your car Ford Mondeo is parked in a very small street and someone could damage it. How do you press your side mirror all the way to the car so nobody can accidentally scratch it?


Will writing on a dirty car scratch it?

yes, the tiny dirt particles din into the paint and scratch it off

What I can I use to get small scratches off my car?

If it is a shallow scratch, then you can use an item such as Scratch Fix 2in1.

What mph would it be to get a scratch and a dent on the car?

I get scratches and dents when I leave my car in a parking lot and people fling their car door open. A deep scratch or dent can be created at snail speed.

Does it scratch your car if you wipe dirt off it?