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A car parked alongside a highway at night should have their parking lights on.

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parking light

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Q: Cars parked on the side of a highway at night should show?
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What type of lighting should cars use when parked on the highway at night?

Parking Lights or low Beams.

What type of lighting should cars use when parked on a highway at night?

leave parking lights on or lower beam headlights on

Cars parked on side of highway should show?

Parking Lights

What type of lighting should cars use when parked on the highway at?

they should have thier four ways on with their parking lights on so yhe head lights dont blind anyone at night.

When driving past parked cars on the right you should?

slow down

You are drving and there are on coming cars on your left and a row of parked cars on your right. you should steer?

I would apply the brake.

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Why doesn't my car start after being parked over night?

Often cars that are parked overnight need to be recharged. It is possible that the battery has died and needs a replacement or a jump to start.

572 cars were parked in a parking garage. The same number of cars was parked on each floor. If there were 4 floors, how many cars were parked on each floor ____ cars?

It’s 572 div by 4 which =s 143

You have 3 cars parked in your driveway and your landlord parked 2 of his cars too what can you do?

Kindly ask the landlord to move it.

Is parked an adjective?

Yes it can be an adjective: We walked past the parked cars.

Can a junkyard have cars parked on the state right-of-way legally?

No. The Highway Beautification Act of 1965 required junkyards along Interstate or primary highways to be removed or screened.