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I would apply the brake.

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Q: You are drving and there are on coming cars on your left and a row of parked cars on your right. you should steer?
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When parked at a curb from which direction should the driver approach the vehicle?

From the rear, front, and left side. If approaching a vehicle from the right side while parallel parked it means you've parked illegaly facing on coming traffic.

When driving past parked cars on the right you should?

slow down

Who is at fault when a parked car in parking lot is hit?

depends on whether or not the car is parked well. if the car is parked properly, in the right spot then it should be the car that hit it that is at fault.

Before leaving you car parked on a downgrade you should?

turn your wheels right and apply parking brake

What are my rights if I hit a parked car and I don't have insurance?

If it was leagally parked, you should be asking what are your obligations if you hit a parked car. Your responsibilities are to pay the cost of fixing the Property of the person who's car you hit. Man up and do the right thing.

When parking uphill where there is no curb you should point your front wheels?

Toward the shoulder. If you are parked on the right side of the road.

Before leaving your car parked on a downgrade what should you do?

Turn you front wheels to the right and set your parking brake.

What direction should you park if you are parked on a two way street?

answer 1) ur driving on the right so u park on side of the road on the right answer 2) You should park on the side of the street that are driving on and in the same direction in which you are driving.

When is WWE Network coming?

For right now it should be in in Fall 2012.

If I am in a car park reversing straight and a car pulls out from a parked spot and I hit it who's fault is it?

It strikes me that you should both have been more carefull. however the person that is on the main throughway has the right of way, that is the parked should wait until trafic has cleared, unles you were reversing against a one way instruction.

Whose fault is it if a parked car opens his door and hits a passing car?

This type of claim can go either way. It could be said that the passenger should have looked before opening the door. It could also be said that the driver of the other vehicle did not have the right of way going around on the passenger's side. It is up to the insurance companies to decide. If you are getting resistance from the other driver to claim responsibility, you should make a claim with your insurance carrier and contact a car accident attorney immediately as the insurance carrier may not want to pay for the damages. Fisher & Associates in Colorado is proficient in these kinds of cases.

What should be identified visually before turning left or right?

if there are any cars coming