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false buses are better because they can carry more people.

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Q: Cars are better for the enviornemnt than buses?
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Can buses drive better in ice than cars?


Do people in Ireland drive cars more than buses?

Yes. Although there are quite a lot of buses

Why is the train is better than cars or buses?

Better is a relative term. The advantage of a rain is that it can move very large items, and it has better economy with regard to the fuel used to move a ton of freight.

Are school buses good for the environment?

Yes they are, because if you have 25 people it would be better for them to ride one bus than having 25 cars.

Why shouldn't you eat on the bus?

Bus drivers will sometimes ask that you not eat on the bus because that makes it easier to keep the bus clean.Because buses can stopped faster than cars and other vehicles.Because buses can stop faster than cars and other vehicles.

Is it better to take the bus rather than a car?

It is better to take a car. because they are fast and smaller. Buses need to make tons of stops at different places. If you have asthma, cars hav alot less fumes coming from it. If you are thinking safety wise, buses are safer when it comes to accidents. Yet buses have alot more germs and different species of bacteria and/or fungi. Cars have less germs depending on passengers and/or you. But I'd recomend a car for trips, vacations, or just trying to get somewhere...

What to girls like better cars or trucks?

yes trucks are better than because cars you can do a lot more with a truck than you can with cars

Why are planes better than cars?

Planes are not necessarily better than cars - they provide a totally different function.

Are buses just like big cars?

Buses are much different vehicles. Different powertrains, different suspension systems, and, depending on what type of bus you refer to, RR platforms (rear engine, real wheel drive) can be quite common, whereas they're quite rare on cars.

Is there more bus accidents than car?

In all probability there would be more car accidents than buses because the cars out number them

Why are hybrid cars better than electric cars?

If electric cars are charged using renewable energy then they are better than hybrid cars, because hybrids still burn some fossil fuels. However, electric cars charged with fossil fuel energy would not be better than hybrid cars.

Are bikes better than cars?