Car hit on private car park?

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If your car is being hit on a private car park, you should call the police and report it and later on claim the insurance that was being put in your car to expense all the repairs of it.

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Q: Car hit on private car park?
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What happens if you hit a car in a car park with no damage?

no damage, no problem. nuff said

Who is fault when car a is backing out of a car park and car b decides to go around car a and car a gets hit by the back of car b?

As far as I understand, if any car is in reverse it is their fault.

I was Reversing and hit a car in a car park?

You are at fault - The charge where I one worked was, "Backing Without Caution."

I hit a parked car in a car park?

Leave a note with your name and number if you can't find the owner.

Can airbags deploy if car is in park?

Yes if the car is hit hard enough the sensors will deploy the airbags

How do you be a cop in gta4?

get a cop car and park and hit right bumper

If I hit a car on private property who was parked illegally am I at fault?

Yes, private property does not obsolve you of your responsiblity.

Who pays when a parked car is hit in a private car park?

AnswerAs long as your vehicle was parked legally and you were able to obtain the other vehicle's insurance info, the driver of the other vehicle's insurance co. is resposible for all your damages.

What to do when your car is hit while park?

If a car is hit while in park, it is important to call the insurance provider and make a report. It is also important to talk to the owner of the parking lot and see if any security cameras caught who did it.

What if you hit a car and there is no damage to your car?

The insurance will pay for the car you hit.

If a car is parked 6 in behind another on private property and the other car accidentally hits it who is at fault?

The person who hit a parked vehicle is at fault.

Who is at fault when on the red light a car hit you and you hit the car in front of you?

The car behind you

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