Can you use water as a fuel to a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As of yet I haven't heard of any completely water run cars however you can get a water fuel system that will produce a gas called HHO from water and that will allow your car to run more efficiently for my car (2005 Kia Spectra) it improved my mileage by 60%

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Q: Can you use water as a fuel to a car?
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What does body use like a car fuel?

Food and water

Can you fuel your car with dirt and water?

No, there is no combustible substance there. However some car companies have concept vehicles that use hydrogen as a fuel; Hydrogen is a gaseous mix of water and oxygen.

Is water a fuel used in car?

No, water is not a fuel.

What fuel will you use when fossil fuel ends?

Bio-diesel possibly or maybe we'll just have to use solar energy and Hydrogen powered fuel cells (the water produces electricity for the car)

How do you use fuel?

We use it in a car

What is the names of companies that produced water fueled cars?

There is no such thing as a water fueled car. Even steam cars used some form of fuel to create the steam. You can extract Hydrogen from water to power a car but as of this time 2015 there are no cars being produced that use water as a fuel.

What will happened if we do not use fuel properly?

if we do not use fuel properly our car will destroy

Can i use unleaded fuel when my car askes for super unleaded fuel?

Yes, you can use unleaded fuel even if your car calls for super unleaded fuel. These are essentially the same kind of fuel so it will not mess up the performance of your car.

What kind of fuel does the energy efficient car use?

An energy efficient car can use gasoline, diesel, CNG, or electricity as a fuel.

What device allows a car to use hydrogen gas to operate it?

A fuel cell operates on the principle of reversing the process of electolysis of water. The fuel cell recombines hydrogen and oxygen to create energy and water.

How much fuel does a top fuel funny car use per pass?

A top fuel funny car can use up to 15 US gallons per pass

Can you use wine to fuel a car?

no you can't.