Can you use wine to fuel a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no you can't.

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Q: Can you use wine to fuel a car?
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How do you use fuel?

We use it in a car

What will happened if we do not use fuel properly?

if we do not use fuel properly our car will destroy

Can i use unleaded fuel when my car askes for super unleaded fuel?

Yes, you can use unleaded fuel even if your car calls for super unleaded fuel. These are essentially the same kind of fuel so it will not mess up the performance of your car.

What kind of fuel does the energy efficient car use?

An energy efficient car can use gasoline, diesel, CNG, or electricity as a fuel.

How much fuel does a top fuel funny car use per pass?

A top fuel funny car can use up to 15 US gallons per pass

What sentence can you use for the word fuel?

Well, its a liquid to put in a car that makes the car gobut if you are looking for a sentence with fuel in it, then say "i putfuel in the car"

How can you use less fuel for transport?

You can cycle and walk to places instead of actually going in a car van loryy bus which uses petrol

What percent of fuel does a car use?

50 percent

What fuel should you use to start a car?


What is a jet fueled car?

Jet fuel is high grade diesel so a jet fuel car would use high grade diesel fuel.

What is one main use for natural gas?

either fuel for car or fuel for grill

What kind of fuel does an electric car use?

Electricity, Hence the name "electric car"...