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Q: Can you use an orange triangle on farm truck?
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An orange-colored-triangle-shape sign on a truck means?

A reflective orange triangle on the rear of a vehicle means it is traveling 35 mph or less. These are often found on tractors, horse drawn carriages or horses and other farm vehicles. Use caution when passing these vehicles.

How do you apply for a farm use truck?

to apply for farm truck use you must have a farm any tag agent can tell you what minimum requirements are

What type of coolant does a 2001 Chevy Truck use?

It uses the ORANGE coolant.

What soil do farmers use on their farm?

Any type of soil that is found where they have their farm. They can't truck in soil from somewhere else, they gotta make do with what they have.

I have a truck that is used only on our farm and nowhere else. Do I still have to have insurance on it?

Although different states have slightly different laws regarding farm use only vehicle registration most include one common attribute.If you are outside your farm you must show you are using vehicle for official farm use.

Do you need a dot inspection for a farm truck?

Not unless it is involved in the interstate transport of commercial products. In most states vehicles registered and licensed for "farm use" are restricted in their usage, usually in the distance they may travel in relation to where the farm is located.

How much gas does a pickup truck use on a farm?

To do what? If driving about the same as the posted city mileage. If hauling it would decrease based on the weight of what you're pulling.

Where orange can you use it?

Use orange in your mouth.

What is the name given to large farms that grow cash crops?

Truck farm is the name given to a large farm that grows cash crops. A cash crop is an agricultural crop which is grown for sale to return a profit. rather than for the farmer's own use.

Use triangle in a sentence?

The Triangle is my favorite shape.

How do you use the triangle?

Here is a very complete article on how to use the triangle www dot wikihow dot com/Play-the-Triangle

Is riding in the back of a pickup truck in Oklahoma illegal?

There is no law currently prohibiting this activity, however that doesn't mean you should not protect your passengers. Use a device that eliminates the biggest risk associated with riding in a truck bed - ejection. The BedRyder is the only truck bed seating device that meets FMVSS standards.