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you can if you change or swap the output shaft and remove the tail housing.

the inspection cover is also different on the 2wd vs the 4wd and will not give the added strength when bolted on like the 4wd does.

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Q: Can you use a 2wd th350 in place of a 4wd th350?
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What is required to convert a 4l60 transmission 4wd to 2wd only?

Change the tail shaft of the tranismission from a 4WD tail shaft to a 2WD tail shaft and use a 2WD tail housing.... The 4WD transmissions has shorter tail shafts and tail hounsing, while the 2WD has a longer tail shaft and tail hounsing.

Can you separate the transmission from the transfer case in a 4WD 1976 Chevy pickup and use the transmission in a 2WD 1962 Chevy pickup?

No. The 2wd and 4wd trans cases are compleatly different.

Can you use the transmission out of a dodge dakota 5.2L in to a dodge durango 5.2L?

Same year, same 2wd or 4wd, then yes

Does NASCAR racing cars are 2wd or 4wd?

All three major NASCAR Series use rear-wheel drive setups.

Are the wheels on 1997 Ford F-150 4WD the same as 1997 Ford F-150 2WD?

1997 2 wd and 4wd both use the same size wheels. later models and bigger pickups have different sizes no 4wd use 17" and 2 wd use 16"

Does a 4wd truck use more gas then a 2wd truck?

Yes.If you took a RWD truck and turned it into a 4WD, it would consume more gas from the added weight as well as the added friction from the extra parts.

Do four wheel drive cars use more gas?

Yes. In general. Though driving 55 mph on the highway with 4WD will use less than driving 75 mph on 2WD.

What is the recommended tire size for a 1991 Chevrolet S-10 pickup?

It is listed on the driver's door post. Chevrolet equips your vehicle with more than one possible size during production. If it is 2WD and equipped with 14" wheels use: 195/75-14 If it is 2WD and equipped with 15" wheels use: 215/65-15 If it is 4WD use: 205/75-15 Some 4WD also came with 235/75-15

Will a 4.3 from a 1991 2wd S-10 work in a 1997 4wd S-10?

Yes you will need to strip it to the block and use all the 97 sensors and parts tho

What kind of fluid do you use in a th350?


Does a 93 jeep Cherokee unlimited edition with the option of staying in 4fwd all the time use more gas if you stay in 4fwd or does it matter.?

Full time 4wd will use more fuel than 2wd.

What is the difference between a TH350 and TH400 Trans?

The th400 is a much stronger transmission meant for heavy duty use while the th350 is meant for normal use.