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ya if you really want to bury yourself there are company's that will pay off your trade no matter what you owe but if you cant make your payment now most likely they'll be alot higher they just add your payoff to the new loan so you really pay for boyh.

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Q: Can you trade in car before repo for another car?
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When repo man hits another car when repossesion a vehicle?

when repo man repossess the car and was in an accident before you can get it back, what happens

Will able to purchase a car after a repo?

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo

If you have a car repo can you own another car?


If another car is blocking the repo car can they make you move it?

Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

Can you trade in car before repo?

If the repo-man is looking for your vehicle, you do not own the vehicle yet. If you take the vehicle in for trade-in, they will have to contact the person who owns the vehicle to get permission to trade it (meaning whoever loaned you the money). Whoever they call is bound to mention that they are in the process of repossessing your vehicle. In alot of cases you need ownership of the vehicle and only a title can prove that to trade in a car.

If you do a voluntary repo and get another dealerships car will that hurt your credit as bad as not making any payments for a repossession?

A repo is a repo is a repo.

Can they repo your car if you are in another state?


If my car has been repossessed can I still trade it in for a different vehicle?

No, you no longer have anything to trade (the car is now the property of the repo company not you).

Can they repo your car if you move to another city?

Sure can.

Can you register another car after your car was repossesd?

Yes. Repo is a civil matter.

How far do you have to be behind on a car payment before your car is repo?

2 payment

Can they repo your car in you are in another state?

Yes. However, the agency conducting the repo needs to be licenced to operate in the state you are in.