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Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

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Q: If another car is blocking the repo car can they make you move it?
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If a car is blocking a car up for repo can they move the blocked car?


Can they repo your car if you move to another city?

Sure can.

Is it legal for a repossession company to move a car that is blocking the car they want?

When the tow truck makes contact with another vehicle it is in possession of that tow/repo company. If they connect to another vehicle to "move" it they are in possession of that vehicle without cause or permission. This is technically a stolen auto at that time. It is NOT legal to move other vehicles to get to another. A good repossession agent with proper use of his tools can get a vehicle out of even the most tightly squeezed places. Before you accuse a repo agent of "stealing" a vehicle, make sure he actually did!!!

Can a repo guy move another car so he can get to the one he needs to repossess?

No. A repo man can not move another vehicle to get to your car.AnswerNo. However, if asomeone is trying to keep the car from being reposessed by blocking it in, it won't work. It might buy some time but eventually they will get a court order and move the car or anything else blocking it in and remove it then. Also, if an undue amount of resistance is offered up to prevent reposession, there's a chance someone could be arrested for interference. After all, it is there car until it's completely paid for.

Can a repo man move another car to get to the one up for repo in sc?

No. Unless they're given permission from the owner of the other vehicle, they can only legally enter and move the vehicle they have an order for repossession on. If they move another vehicle, they're guilty of a criminal offense.

State statue can you move another car during a repossesion?

NO the repo person can not. Who ever owns it can or if they give someone else permission to move it.

Can a repo man move other cars parked around it the repo car to get it?

No. A repo agent is only permitted to move and enter the vehicle which they have an order for repossession on.

Can repo man move other cars to get to yours?

NO!!! I'm sorry but whoever fool you and told you this is a fool. It is only a repo mans job to move your car if perhaps another car is interfearing with him doing his job then he consults his boss.

If you do a voluntary repo and get another dealerships car will that hurt your credit as bad as not making any payments for a repossession?

A repo is a repo is a repo.

Can the repo man find you if you move out of state?


Will able to purchase a car after a repo?

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo

Can a person repossessing your auto drive on grass or move another car to get to yours?

No but that does not mean they won't do either. A repo man cannot legally move another vehicle out of the way, but if he can get the car just by driving across the grass, then legally he can and probably will do so.