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Yes you CAN start your car w/o the exhaust manifold mounted.....However, if you do, you are VERY likely to crack a valve. Your exhaust system protects the valves from cool air contacting a hot valve.

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Q: Can you start your car without the exhaust manifold?
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Can a car run without an exhaust manifold?

Yes. A car can run without an exhaust manifold. It will burn out the exhaust valves in the cylinders a lot faster than normal, but it can be done.

You have replaced your exhaust system with a new one up to the exhaust manifold the exhaust manifold looks fine but you still get loud engine noise inside the car?

have you checked to see if there is any broken bolt on the manifold, or worped manifold, burnt manifold gasket

What car exhaust manifold will fit a 350 vortec?

A 5.76 car exhaust manifold will fit a 1997 350 Vortec. Your local auto parts store or car dealership will be able to give you a detailed list of all car exhaust manifolds that will fit.

Can a crack in a car manifold cause health problems?

if it is the exhaust manifold ,yes. if your breathing in those exhaust fumes you can get carbon monoxide poisoning

Where is the Oxygen sensor 1995 Buick?

Screwed into the exhaust system. Start at the exhaust manifold and work your way backward toward the rear of the car, and you will find all the O2 sensors.

What can cause squeaking noise from exhaust manifold after car has been running while?

squeeking from exhaust manifold is caused by a leak allowing exhaust gas to leak. it will only get worse as time goes on unless it is fixed

Where are the oxygen sensor in your car?

Oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust pipe, generally between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter.

How many hours it take to change manifold gasket in cutlaas car?

The year, engine size and if it is the intake manifold or an exhaust manifold gaskets would help.

Could you lose power if exhaust manifold gasket has blown on turboed car?

You could lose power if the exhaust manifold gasket has blown on a turbo equipped car because the turbo will not receive sufficient pressure. The turbo will produce less boost as it is powered directly by the exhaust gases.

How can you find a leak in the exhaust manifold?

A leak in an exhaust manifold will be very loud. The car may also experience issues stalling or running to lean since the oxygen sensor readings will be off.

What does a manifold do on a car?

There are basically 2 manifolds. The intake manifold routes air to the engine and also fuel on a vehicle with carburetor or throttle body fuel injection. The exhaust manifold routes exhaust gases out of the engine to the converter and then to the tail pipe.

On a 1987 Honda Accord is the exhaust manifold in the front facing the radiator or underneath the car?

asuming the vehicle has a 4 cylinder, the exhaust manifold would be facing the radiator. 6 cyl. would also have one facing the firewall. You can figure it out simply by tracing your exhaust system from back to front. tail pipe - muffler - exhaust pipe - catalytic converter - exhaust pipe - exhaust manifold - engine.