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You can, it is not illegal. But to be honest, it is extremely disgusting to see someone indirectly harming a child like that.

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Q: Can you smoke in a car with a minor child in the car?
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Can you put a lien on a car I sold to minor and she won't pay for?

It is possible. If the minor is your child and the child is still a minor, you can take the car (as a repo). If the child is no longer a minor, you may have to go through channels.

Is it cheaper for your minor child to get his own car insurance?

No... No it is not

Who is liable if a Child hits a parked car with bicycle?

As the child is a minor, it is the responsibility of the parents.

Can you smoke in a car with a minor?

No, that could kill them. Smoking by yourself isn't good either.

What could cause smoke to derail from the hood of your car after a minor car collision?

could be steam from a leak caused by the accident in the coolant system or smoke from a transmission cooler leak they are both up in the front of the car.

What will happen if an adult smokes in the car with a child?

The child will be exposed to second hand smoke similar to the child smoking themselves

Is a noncustodial parent liable for a minor child's accident if it is in the custodial parents car?


What happens when a minor child hits a parked car with his bike?

Unfortunately, the parent (s) of the child are liable for the damages to the car, since they're fully responsible for the child's actions.

A minor child with no license hit my car will her parents auto insurance repair my car?

As the driver is a minor child, the Custodial Parent or other Custodial Entity is Financially Liable for the acts of the minor child. An auto accident may or may not be covered under the Custodians Auto insurance Policy depending on whether the child is covered or excluded from coverage on that Policy.

Does a mother have a right to take back a car if the child is irresponsible?

If the child is a minor (under the age of 18) or the mother has co-signed for the car then yes, she can take back the car. A child who is irresponsible should not be driving.

Can minors smoke with parents permission in Missouri?

Even WITH parent permission, you cannot smoke as a minor. Under 0 circumstances can a minor smoke tobacco.

In whos name should a new car be titled to limit potential liability when the driver will be a 17 year old but the buyers of the car are the parents?

I don't understand what you mean by "limit potential liability". Parents are liable for anything a minor does regardless of whose name the car is in. If the parents are seeking to escape liability for accidents when the child is no longer a minor, then titling the car in the minor's name would be the way to go. This does assume they're comfortable with throwing their no-longer-minor child to the wolves.