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Yes, cars are registered to each individual owner. So, by selling it, it becomes un-registered.

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Q: Can you sell a car with expired registration?
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Can you sell a car that has an expired registraton in Florida?

You would have to go get a new registration

What is the fine for expired registration on a Nebraska car?


What happens to your car if you drive with expired registration and no car insurance?

You get arrested

Can you sell a vehicle that has an expired registration fee?

Yes you can.. but you have to tell the person your selling it to that its expired and you also have to give them a break on value..

What is the law in Georgia on driving someone else car with expired tags?

Driving on an expired registration is illegal. Period.

How do you know when your Pennsylvania car registration has expired?

When the expiration date on your sticker is up

What is the penalty for an expired car registration a state inspection and emissions in Pennsylvania?

About $85.

Who is at fault when driving someones car with expired ins and registration?

The person who owns the car is responsible for license, insurance and registration. You are required to have your own insurance.

Can a dealer sell a car to someone in California with an expired drivers license?

Yes, a dealer can sell a car to someone with an expired license. A dealer can sell a car to someone who doesn't have a license at all.

Does Texas have partial car registration refunds if you sell the car?


Can you sell your car with expired plates in Illinois?


What is the penalty in Nevada for driving with expired registration and will they tow my car?

Impound, arrest, bail, and fines. Kinda sucks but buddy has been in jail for 2 days for expired registration, getting released today.