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Wisconsin Consumer Act (WCA) prohibited creditors from repossessing collateral or goods without first obtaining a court order, unless the consumer voluntarily surrendered or abandoned the goods.

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Q: Can you repo a car in the state of Wisconsin?
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Can they repo your car if you are in another state?


Can they repo your car in you are in another state?

Yes. However, the agency conducting the repo needs to be licenced to operate in the state you are in.

You sold a car in Fl to someone who lives in CT Which state do you contact to repo the car?

The state in which the car is located. And, if it moves, the state to which it moves.

If you move to Florida can you still get your car repo?

Yes. The repo company I work for goes out of state at least once a month to get a repo because the owners have moved, I don't believe any state will stop a repossession just because the car was moved to a different state.

If you got the vehicle in one state where the lender is and now live in another how does the repo work with an out of state vehicle?

Usually the bank has a list of repo companies they do biz with and they pick one to repo the car. Maybe the closest to the car, maybe the cheapest, whatever.

What are thes statute limitations on repo a car?

The statues of limitations vary from state to state.

In the state of Illinois can the repo man bring a police man to help him repo your car?

An officer can be called to keep the peace. Otherwise, a repo is a civil issue.

How can you repo a car that's in a locked garage in Ohio?

NO, you cant do that in ANY state. It will get you sued quickly. Ohio Repo Laws

What will happen to you if the repo man comes to get your car while you're traveling out of state?

1)he will take the car you left if that is the car to be repoed. 2)If you are traveling in the car to be repoed he will wait for you to return and repo it after you get back.

Can a repo company come on private property without permission move another car that is parked behind said car to be repoed and in process cause damages to your home and said car to be repoed?

Repo laws are different for each state. Check for laws in your state or advise what state you are in.

How much does it cost a dealership to pay a repo company to repo your car?

It depends, usually the repo man will come to the dealerships and tell them a price they'll repo a car for. The company I work for charges roughly $150 a car, but if we have to go unusually for to get the car the price goes up accordingly. Like if we have to fly out of state to get a car the dealership pays for the plane ticket plus a few hundred.

If you live in Illinois can you buy a car in Wisconsin?

If you live in Illinois you can buy a car in Wisconsin. You may have to pay the tax difference when you register the car in the state you live in.