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Of course! As long as your amp's minimum impedance is 4 ohms or lower.

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Q: Can you replace a 8 ohm woofer with a 4 ohm woofer?
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Is an 8 ohm sub woofer better than a 4 ohm sub woofer?

no the higher the ohm the more resistance in the speaker the lower the resistance the more power it will use so if they are the same make the 4 ohm should be louder

How would you hook up 2 8 ohm woofers with a 4 ohm dual voice coil woofer?

You could with a 4 channel amp. Bridge it to two channels and hook up the two 8 ohm woofers in parallel on the one bridged channel. Then hook the two coils on the dual coil woofer in series with the other bridged channel on the amp.

Will wiring a 16 ohm woofer with a 16 ohm tweeter in parallel result in a total ohm load of 8 ohms?

If you mean as pairs, yes. put an 8 Ohm and a 16 Ohm speaker in parallel for each channel. The 16 Ohm speakers will take 1/3 the power and the 8 Ohm speakers will take 2/3 the power. The resulting impedance will be 5.33 Ohms.

What sub woofer will replace stock 98 explorer unit?

any 8 inch

Can you run 4ohm resistor to make 4 ohms speakers 2 ohm?

Yes, you can safely use a 4 ohm amp with one 8 ohm speaker, but you will not achieve full power. The 4 ohm amp is designed to supply a certain voltage into a 4 ohm speaker. Supplying that same voltage to an 8 ohm speaker will result in half the power, or -3dB. For maximum power, use a 4 ohm speaker, or two 8 ohm speakers in parallel.

Can you replace subwoofer in 2000 Chevy Tahoe with aftermarket subwoofer?

Your SUV comes with a 8" subwoofer from the factory. Most likely a 4-ohm sub. I know the Kicker Comp VT 8" will bolt right in and you can get them either 2-ohm or 4-ohm. You would probably notice quite a difference putting a 2-ohm in.

Can you wire a dvc 4 ohm sub woofer and a svc 8 ohm sub woofer together on a 4 ohm amp?

Sorry, but there is really no 4 ohm amplifier. We use only voltage bridging. The amplifier will have an output impedance of around 0.04 ohms. In hi-fi we have always impedance bridging. Zout

Can you replace an 8 ohm speaker with a 4 ohm speaker?

Only if your amplifier is capable of driving a 4 ohm speaker. Some have a switch on the back to select 4 or 8ohm speakers. Details should either be printed some where on the back of the amp or the instruction manual

How do you wire two 8 ohm speakers and keep a 8 ohm load?

in parallel No. Two 8 ohm 'speakers in parallel present a 4 ohm load.

Can you use 4 ohm speakers on a 8 ohm system?


Are Bose car speakers 8 ohm?

they are probably 4 ohm

Can you make four 8 ohm speakers into an 4 ohm load?