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Sorry, but there is really no 4 ohm amplifier. We use only voltage bridging. The amplifier will have an output impedance of around 0.04 ohms. In hi-fi we have always impedance bridging. Zout << Zin. That means the output impedance of the amplifier is much less than the input impedance of the loud speaker. The damping factor Df = Zin / Zout tells you what Zout is. Zout = Zin/Df. If the damping factor Df = 200 and the loudspeaker impedance is Zin = 4 ohms, the output impedance of the amplifier is Zout = 4 / 200 = 0.02 ohms. You see, there is no "4 ohm amplifier" on the market with a 4 ohm output impedance. Scroll down to related links and look at "Interconnection of two units".

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Q: Can you wire a dvc 4 ohm sub woofer and a svc 8 ohm sub woofer together on a 4 ohm amp?
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Can you wire a dvc 2 ohm sub woofer to a dvc 4 ohm sub woofer?

You can, but you may damage your amp. If you wire them in parallel (both wires from each connected to the amp) then you will have an effective resistance less than 2 ohms. If you wire them in series then you will have an effective resistance of 6 ohms. Resistance that is too low draws more power than the output is rated for. Resistance that is too high reduces the volume and may distort the sound.

Can you wire a 2 channel amp to a dvc sub using one channel per coil?

if the sub can handle it yes....say if u have a 2000 watt amp 2 channel and u have a 2000 watt DVC sub then it will work but wouldn't advise doing that for great sound qulity

How many watts does a Punch 12 DVC HX2 output?

A Punch HX2 sub woofer's peak power is 1000 watts.

What is the best way to hook up a single 12 inch dvc to a 1200 watt amp?

The best way to hook up a single 12 inch dvc to a 1200 watt amp is to use an MTX thunder box.

Can you hook up 2dvc subs to a channel amp?

Type in google 'subwoofer wiring' and click on the 'crutchfield' link. Really good diagrams on how to connect dvc subs and svc subs to any amp.

Will 2 rockford fosgate dvc 4 ohm 12 inch subs and a rockford fosgate t10001bd amp be loud if i wire it for 1 ohm?

yes, they will be really loud. right now i have only a 250 watt amp pushing bothof mine and they are pretty loud for my small sunfire. even if you have a big suburban or something they will be pretty loud

What is dvc cutoff?

dvc cut off will 50%

How can you wire 2 12inch pioneer subs dvc 4ohms 1000 watts max to 2 pioneer 760 watt amps both amps are 2 channel they can be bridged?

You do pos to one side to pos the other side on the sub then the same for negative then to the amp you hook the pos to one channel then the negative to the other channel and the same on the other sub and amp

What does dvc stand for?

When used in context with Disney, DVC stands for Disney Vacation Club. It is an ownership opportunity in DVC properties all over the world. For detailed information about the Disney Vacation Club contact the DVC directly.

How do you hook two subs up to one amp?

It depends on the impedance of the subs, whether they are single- or double-voicecoil (SVC or DVC), and the rated output impedance of the amp. If you've got two 8-ohm SVC subs and your amp is rated for a 4-ohm load, then you can put them in parallel. If you've got two 4-ohm SVC subs and your amp is only rated for a 4-ohm load, then you'll have to put them in series, even though you won't be able to extract maximum power from the amp. With DVC subs, you've got more flexibility to get an efficient match. In any case, you have to pay attention to polarity.

Internet dvc f equals 1.7mm driver?

internet dvc fequals 7.1mm driver

What would be better keeping your 12 inch kicker dvc at 2ohm or wiring them for 4 ohm?

Car stereos are designed for 4-8 ohms loads unbridged (8 ohms bridged). So wire it for 4 ohms. If you use a separate amp for the speaker then refer to the amp's documentation - most are designed to operate with standard 4 ohms unbridged and may also have provision for 2 ohms unbridged (or 4 ohms bridged).