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If you are talking about a child's car seat the answer is yes. Just make sure the car seat is installed in the rear of the van. Children should never ride in the front seat.

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Q: Can you put a car seat in a van?
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Can you put a car seat in the front of a van?

The rear seat is the safest place. If the van does not have airbags or the air bags can be turned off, then yes.

How do I install a newborn car seat?

You don't install a newborn car seat. The only thing that you need to do with a newborn car seat is put the car seat in the back of the car and put the seat belts on and lock the seat belts.

Where should a car seat be put?

An infant or car seat should never be put in a front passenger seat that has an air bag

Is it legal to put a baby on the front seat of the car in Illinois?

No it is not legal to put a baby in the front seat of a car.

When to put the car seat in?

Right before you place the child who needs the car seat in.

Can you install a forward facing car seat in two seat sports car?

If the car is only a 2 seater you can put a FORWARD facing car seat on the passenger side, but I'm not sure about a rear facing car seat.

Can trucks with extended cabs accommodate a car seat in the back seat?

No. According to the CHP, you'll have to put the car seat in the front seat if the car seat cannot fit properly in the back of the extended cab.

Can you put a child in a car seat up front?


Why didn't they put in a back seat when they made the dodge viper?

If they would have put a rear seat in it the car would have been to long to be considered a sports car.

Can put a baby in the car without baby seat?

yes---- you may put a baby in a car without a baby seat(capsule ) but you must not drive the vehicle

Can you turn off the seat belt alarm in a car?

Yes. Put the seat belt on.

How big does a baby legally have to be before you can put them in a front facing car seat?

a baby can seat in the fornt of the car at 11!!!!

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