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Yes. Put the seat belt on.

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2010-06-03 20:42:14
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Q: Can you turn off the seat belt alarm in a car?
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Is there a fuse to turn off the seat belt alarm that continously beeps when you do fasten your seat belt in the 2006 Dodge Charger?

start with the car off and have seat belt plugged in. start the car and wait for the first alert. plug and unplug the seat belt atleast six time in the first 30 seconds ending with it plugged in. turn the car off and then back on you should be good to go.

How to turn off a seat belt alarm in peugeot 407?

GO to the scrap yard and cut a seat belt buckle off a scrapped car and stick it in your seatbelt clip, job done!!

How to deactivate an Acura TL seat belt alarm.?

1) Get in the car 2) Start the car 3) Put your seat belt on Works EVERY time

How do you disable the seat belt alarm in a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria?

Wear your seat belt, your car is trying to save your life!

How do you turn off the seat belt alarm on a 2004 Mazda 3?

You can take it to a Mazda dealer and they can do an update to your car's computer to disable the alarm. I think it's around $50-$75 for them to do that.

How do you turn off the seat belt alarm on a 2008 Camry?

If you do so, you will void warranty and your car will not pass next state inspection (if you bring it at Toyota place).

How can you disable a seat belt alarm in a 2010 Ford crown Victoria?

Turn the key to the on position, do not start the car. Wait for the seat belt light to turn off (about 30-45 seconds) Plug and unplug the seat belt 3 times ending in the UN plugged position. Turn the headlights on for about a second and back off. Plug and unplug the seat belt 7 more times. The airbag light will flash multiple times, turning off the chime.

How do you stop the seat belt alarm from ringing when seat belt is not latched on the 2007 OB 2.5i basic?

Easy fix. Found this somewhere on the net and it worked for me. 1)Start your car. 2)Buckle and unbuckle the seat best as fast as you can for 1 minute, and I mean fast. 3)Turn your car off, then back on. This should fix your problem.

What does a seat belt do in a car?

A seat belt protects the passengers when you have a car accident.

Where is the Seat belt chime located on 2006 dodge ram 1500?

It is built into the cluster and can not be removed. You don't have to remove it. Get on the net and type in "seat belt alarm stop". This is a product you can use on most any car. It clips into the seatbuckle and stops the alarm instantly. Lou B

When did seat belt become standard in car and trucks?

When did seat belt become standard in car and trucks?

How do you disable the seat belt alarm on a 2007 Audi a4?

Sell the car. Can't defeat it. It drives me insane and I've asked everywhere.

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