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That depends. Bumper to bumper car accident or legally known as Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of multiple vehicle accidents and one of the primary causes of whiplash.

Even if it's a minor accident, if you were At Fault it wouldn't be wise to immediately leave the scene as that would be a case of "hit and run". If the driver saw your plate number while you hasten to leave, then he can file a lawsuit against you and you'll be looking at a large settlement case, instead of just helping the car owner to have his bumper fixed.

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Q: Can you leave the scene of a minor bumper to bumper to car accident?
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What happens if you leave the scene of a accident?

If you are involved in the accident it is a crime to leave the scene, but if you are a witness or bystander there is no problem.

Is it illegal to leave the scene of a car accident if you are not at fault?

It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident without providing full and accurate contact information. If the police are called, you need to wait for them to allow you to leave. Leaving can result in criminal charges. For a minor accident, with no injuries and no damage other than to the cars themselves, you can exchange information and agree with the other driver to file a police report.

How long do you have to file a police report for a car accident?

you can not leave the scene of a accident

What happens if you have an accident on private property in Georgia and one or both parties leave the scene of the accident?

you leave too

What is leaving the scene of an accident in tx?

This simply means that if you were involved in any type of accident and leave before authorities arrive, you have left the scene of an accident with out making a statement.

Is it considered leaving the scene of an accident if when parking you bump the car in front of you causing no damage and leave and go in a store?

The adjective "bump" is so subjective as to have no meaning. Was it a minor bumper "tap" or a full-fledged "whack" that rocked both vehicles? What you consider "no damage" may not be what the owner of the other vehicle thinks. Unless it OBVIOUSLY falls into the category of a bumper-kiss, you should try to locate the other owner or, leave your contact information under the other vehicles wiper.

Can you leave the scene of an accident if both parties agreed to do so?

of course not.

Is it ok to have someone else make report of accident and so you can leave the scene?

It doesn't look good. If it's a minor accident it would probably be ok since you'll have to talk to the insurance companies anyway. If it's a major accident you shouldn't leave because then the police might come to find you and that's never good.

If it's a crime to hit a car and leave the scene of the accident what trouble can a person get into?

man slaughter if the person dies Hit and Run Leaving the scene of an accident.

Is it legal to leave the scene of an accident?

No. If you witnessed the accident you are supposed to give a statement to law enforcement prior to leaving.

Is it still hit and run accident if rear ending bumper to bumper to the unattended parked car at the gas station with only bumper marks and leaving the scene without notification?

It is in fact a hit and run. The bumper marks indicate that there was damage done, even if it was just superficial.

Can a person leave the scene of a car accident without waiting or calling for help?

you can, but then its a felony