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NO, Just picture you driving up my driveway to my house and saying boy you have a nice house, I want to insure it. You couldn't pull a home owners policy on my house because you have no insurable interest in it. Same for a car that you don't own.

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Q: Can you get auto insurance in your name if the car you are using is financed by someone else and your name is not on the contract?
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Can someone explain the difference between P and you insurance and FDD insurance?

FDD insurance is normally using in shipping insurance sectors. FDD is an abbreviation of 'Freight Demurrage And Defence'

Can you be sued if someone has an accident under your insurance but you didn't know they were using it?

In the US, at least, you can be sued for just about anything. I'm uncertain as to exactly how you could not know someone was on your insurance policy, though.

Will my auto insurance cover someone using my car who gets in a collision?

Usually, but restrictions do apply.

How do you get out of contract?

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Can they repossess your car even if you have been making all the payments?

They can only LEGALLY repo your car IF you are in DEFAULT of the contract. That could be no payments, no insurance, using the car for an illegal purpose, ect. Is there any requirements in your contract that you may have not met? If you are NOT in default of the contract, call an attorney NOW. Good Luck

What if you use someone else medical insurance card at the er and was admitting in the hosptial?

When using someone elses card, if you are not listed on the policy and no premium is being collected for you, then you will not have coverage.

Are their any tests to see if someone is using tobacco products?

Yes, insurance companies test for cigarette use before deciding to give you life insurance or to decide how high your premiums will be.

Why insurance very importance to contractor?

Accidents happen. When something goes wrong, people want someone to pay for their loss. You can either pay using YOUR money or can use the insurance company 's money. This is why insurance is important to a contractor.

Does myfull coverage insurance cover me using someone else's vehicle with no insurance?

I believe full coverage covers everything related to the car it is assigned to and nothing more.There may be specific insurances for business and such which covers multiple drivers and multiple cars but as for a personal insurance, it would only cover your specific car included in the contract. Alternative Answer The answer to your question will be written clearly on your "Certificate of Insurance"and contrary to the above many 'fully comprehensive' policies (In the UK at least) will provide cover for you to drive a car not owned by you and not hired (rented) by you.

Where can someone purchase State Farm insurance?

The best way to purchase State Farm insurance is either online at their website, via phone using their toll-free number, or at a local agent's office.

If someone is pulled over while using someone else's car and that car has no insurance but the driver has insurance will that be okay with the DMV?

Depends on the state and also the insurance company. Most companies will cover any vehicle that you operate to an extent, however, in the majority of states, you can't register a vehicle (put license plates on it) without having liability insurance on that vehicle. Check your state laws.

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